February 28 – March 16, 2013

Su Hyun Nam’s work envisions the disintegration of tiny parts of the world. Her videos and installations invite the viewer to look more carefully at the mutability of familiar landscapes and spaces by focusing on the paradoxical dialogue between image representation and the suggestion of contiguous context – which is an invisible, yet dynamic “presence”–, as well as between the buzzing real-world and its transformation to meditative mediations. Her practice investigates both the lingering presence of form and its infinite possibility for change.


As a foreigner in Chicago, Nam enjoys the solitary and invisible moments given to her. Roaming the city, she spent last fall filming trees. During that time, Nam explored the spaces around her, acting like a tree–transfixed to one spot. She witnessed temporal events, people and cars passing by, as well as her arboreal companions. Nam began to imagine urban space as a kind of weaving that represents all different kinds of relationships within Chicago. Thus, the trees soon become her primary mode of creating a calming focal point in her composites of the cityscape, and her body acted as a spatiotemporal mediation in this city.



About the Artist
Born in 1985, Su Hyun Nam is an interdisciplinary media artist based in Chicago, IL. Her work investigates daily mundane images and objects around us, deconstructing and reassembling not just to invite the viewer to look more carefully at the mutability of familiar landscapes, but also to create a new relationship between seemingly unrelated elements in the world. She has exhibited her works internationally in the USA, Greece, Singapore, and Korea. Recently, Nam presented work in SIGGRAPH ASIA 2012 and had her first solo show, ‘String – Su Hyun Nam’ (2012) at HEX Gallery in Kansas City, MO. She has been invited to give lectures as a visiting artist in Workshop : Const with Miniatures (2010) and ATS Brown Bag Noontime Lecture, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2011). Nam received her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Art and Technology Studies.