Without A Safety Net
Marcy Chevali

December 10, 2009 – January 23, 2010

In her work, Marcy Chevali creates places of ambiguity where dualities are identified and explored within space, place and situation. By articulating these moments, her objects generate parallel duplicities, rather than a singularity of meaning. Without A Safety Net is a piece that oscillates between comfort and apprehension, protection and entrapment, et cetera. It is majestic and delicate, but also possesses menacing twists and knots, making it, perhaps, something potentially hazardous.


The piece thus becomes a way for Chevali to examine the differences between the spaces that subsequently become separated by this partially permeable membrane. A slight and wavering line creates two distinct regions over and under the net. For example, in one sense, the structure acts as a trap, whereas in the other it becomes a protective barrier. This (safety) net hovers just above the ground, ready to catch and protect, though it is unclear who or what might be falling.



About the Artist
Exploring concepts of metaphor and identity are central to the work of Brooklyn-based artist Marcy Chevali. Born in Cleveland, she received a BFA from Ohio State University and a Master’s from the Maine College of Art. Chevali has shown her work throughout the United States in places such as Artists Space (New York), the Institute of Contemporary Art (Maine College of Art), the Gallery of Contemporary Art (Sacred Heart University) and the Silver Image Gallery (Columbus, Ohio). She is a founding member of The Fort, an artists collective.




Image courtesy the artist.