True Laurels Radio with Lawrence Burney

in conjunction with Devin N. Morris' exhibition
"I Found You Like This"

Podcast: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 | 7-9pm

True Laurels will host a podcast as a part of Devin Morris’ exhibition ” I Found You Like This” at AC Institute. The episode Lead Check will expand on True Laurel’s issue 02 story in which professor Lawrence Brown broke down Baltimore’s long history of lead poisoning within the inner city. Professor Brown and recording artist President Davo will stop by to speak about the ongoing lead poisoning crisis. True Laurels will also play some of Baltimore’s best tracks for the summer.





Lawrence Burney’s True Laurels Magazine places a focus on music trends coming out of Baltimore and the surrounding culture that informs it. True Laurels Radio will feature guests Professor Lawrence Brown and rapper, President Davo who are both featured in the recently launched True Laurels Issue 2. The show will follow the format of True Laurel’s Radio’s residency with The Lot Radio featuring music and interviews with both guests.


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