Triumph of the XX
Chris Twomey

Video Installation
February 23 - March 17, 2012

Origins, identity and the ramifications of genetic discoveries are the themes that drive the imagery of Chris Twomey’s work.


Triumph of the XX evokes the passion of the XX chromosome (female) in its ability to heal a flaw or mutation in DNA. A red haired woman is the metaphor for this concept; she recombines the genes of the world with men of different ethnic backgrounds, healing division. Aluminum foil, a simple substrate found in the kitchen, is also elevated within Triumph to an articulation of the divine.


Exhibition featured in The Huffington Post.



About the Artist
Award winning artist, writer and curator, Chris Twomey has had numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide. An MFA graduate from Pratt Institute, Twomey has received various awards including a CAPS grant, Ford Grant, Experimental TV award, an American Film Institute Directing Internship and more. She is also co-founder and curator for