The Soup
Karolina Bregula

November 20 – December 10, 2014

The Soup is a reflection on the art world’s disingenuous engagement with politics. Influenced by the narrative style of the Theater of the Absurd, the work questions the sociological commitment of the artist outside of the sterile confines of the art world.


The video captures a group of artists seated at a dinner table. One by one they express their interest in the revolution destructively taking place outside their walls. As time goes by, their fear for action and engagement becomes apparent. Rather than involve themselves in the political upheaval, they choose to ignore everything outside of their own room.


About the Artist 
Karolina Breguła (born 1979) is a Polish multimedia artist currently based in Warsaw. Breguła graduated from the National Film Television and Theatre School, where she is currently pursuing her PhD. She has performed and exhibited internationally at such venues as Zachęta National Gallery in Warsaw (Poland), National Museum in Warsaw (Poland), Real Art Ways (USA) and the 55th Venice Biennale (Italy).


Breguła has received numerous awards including the Polish Ministry of Culture Scholarship and the Views Art Prize. She is the current recipient of the Młoda Polska and Visegrad Scholarship.