The Rhythm Method

AC Chamber Project: New String Sounds
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 | Doors: 7:30PM

AC Chamber Project: New String Sounds is the second annual concert series curated by Hamilton Berry. For 2017, the lineup will showcase NYC chamber groups that explore unconventional sounds, styles, and programs for string instruments.


Show starts 8:00PM.


The Rhythm Method String Quartet in collaboration with the AC Institute presents “Escape-Landscape.” This concert features Tonia Ko’s Escape-Landscape (2014), Bernd Klug’s string quartet and skyscraper 2.0 (2016), Andrew Norman’s Peculiar Strokes (2015), and Earle Brown’s String Quartet (1965)—all pieces that deal with perception and subtle shifts within it. Produced with support from the Earle Brown Music Foundation,




The Rhythm Method strives to reimagine the string quartet in a contemporary context. Since their founding in 2014, the group has given soulful, spirited performances in New York, Vienna, Paris, and Lucerne, and have tackled works ranging from classics to premieres by living composers, including all members of the quartet. Through a mixture of thoughtful, eccentric programming, captivating performances, and collaborations with fellow artists and composers, they present concert experiences that engage and challenge their audiences.