The Good Outlaw
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

May 13 - June 19, 2010

The Good Outlaw proposes a dialogue in the form of a graffiti, stencil and collage mural that will employ the tools of street art. Poet and artist Jeffrey Cyphers Wright will begin the piece, focusing on self-determination and resistance.


Viewers will be invited to draw and write on the wall and add their marks, statements and tags in an overall environment that is, to quote the philosopher Boris Groys, “interactive, participatory and democratic”– a vital art that is outside the artmarket, outside the affadavits afforded by the government/university grant fellowship factories or the museum/cathedral inner circle of curatorial backslapping — art that robs from the snobs and gives back to a community of restless rebels.Viewers will be invited to draw and write on the wall and add their marks and tags to Wright’s graphic extravaganza.

Video Documentation

About the Artist
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, aka Mr. Underground, ran Cover Magazine, the Underground National from 1986 to 2000. A New Romantic, his poems have recently been in Vanitas, Tribes Magazine, Big Hammer, The Bicycle Review, Omega, Boog, Beet Magazine, Stretching Panties and Hanging Loose. Author of eleven books of poetry, he also writes art criticism, which has appeared in ArtnewsArt and Antiques and Artnexus. He contributes a regular column of poetry reviews called “Rapid Transit” to The Brooklyn Rail. Since 2006, he has published Live Mag! and is hosting events at La Mama and The Bowery Poetry Club.