The Future is Here Again: VISUAL LANGUAGE
Curated by Holly Crawford
& Nico Vassilakis

Group Exhibition
January 22 - February 7, 2015

Text-based art, or vispo, marries verbal and visual language.  There are many ways to form this union: words and letters can dissolve into gestures, be obscured, faded or obliterated, or play with one another in ways that create multiple meanings. They can even evolve beyond legible text into shapes, forms and colors that only the imagination can read.


The intent of this exhibition is to share the various ways that text can transform into something far removed from the literal. Some contributors approach the work as poets, others as artists, yet each uses text, words, and gestural marks as compositional elements. In addition, their investigations playfully combine humor and wit, calligraphy and letters, participation and poetry, social commentary and linguistic ambiguity.


Featuring works from The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry and COLDFRONT vispo as well as works by Martha Wilson, Richard Kostelanetz, Richard Humann and many more.

Exhibition Images


Thursday, January 22 at 7pm
NYC string trio SPEED BUMP will perform in celebration of their first full-length album, WEDDING MUSIC.


Thursday, February 5th from 6 – 8pm
Presenters include Geof Huth, Erica Baum, Gary Barwin & Richard Kostelanetz


Featured image: Construcci Escritos by Ariel Gonzalez Losada