Be Andr

Participatory Exchange
September 9 - October 16, 2010

Structure explores the links between exchange and value. It is a participatory installation that continues to be created and grow as the audience interacts with it by exchanging something of their own for a piece of the art work: posters depicting the value of one pound in different currencies on the day the idea of the piece occurred to the artist. The objects the visitors decide to exchange for a piece of art will be placed on the black area on the floor as an integrated part of the installation. When the black area on the floor is full of objects, they will be removed and placed into black plastic bags on display next to the exchange area.


This installation will continue to grow as more and more people interact with it. When all the posters are exchanged, new ones must be printed. The number of black plastic bags will show how well it is received and in that way also be a measure of its value.



About the Artist

Be Andr was born in 1978 in Oslo, Norway and now resides and works in London. He studied at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL London. His art has been exhibited at the ‘Third Thoughts’ exhibition at CCA Andraxt, Spain curated by Barry Schwabsky and Carol Szymanski. Some of his new pieces will be shown at the ‘Multiplied: Contemporary Edition Fair’ at Christie’s, London in October 2010.