February 15, 2014

Soler will perform an intervention that responds to the place and time of Jessica Angel’s As Above, So Below. Soler describes Angel’s installation as “a space of sculptural extrusion” where he will make actions that respond to this given condition in a tangible, visceral manner.


Soler is a visual artist whose name was taken directly from the surname of a famous Colombian biker who suffered a brutal accident. Therefore the word ‘Soler’ translates as a metaphor for resistance, will, survival and persistence. In this context, the artist gives special value to the processes that come with art making rather than searching for individual recognition. Soler triggers actions in performances and extends them to photography, painting, video and site-specific installations; the artist builds spaces where these practices are interwoven and the presence of the body can be read from its absence.



About the Artist
Soler has a BFA from the University of Brighton and an MFA from UCL, Slade. He has produced several large site-specific intervention projects responding to his life back in Bogotá. His most recent performance, Anticipación/Retrovisión, took place by the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, involved over 1500 people and concluded in a solo Show at the Museum of Santa Marta.