Bonnie Lane

May 3 - 26, 2012

Bonnie Lane’s intimate video installations question our ordinary understandings of time and space. These works are often autobiographical, an amalgamation of experiences and memories, dreams and nightmares, fears and fantasies. Fluctuating at times between sinister and transcendental, Lane aims to draw attention to human absurdity from an existential perspective. Combining horror with the sublime, her practice addresses anxiety, fear, loss, memory, and disappointment whilst searching for comfort, connection and resolution.


Sleepless was created in 2008 and marks the beginning of Bonnie Lane’s exploration of video installation. It relays the agonizing experience of lying in bed wide-awake, wishing and waiting for morning to arrive. The experience of being alone in the dark and unable to sleep often manifests out of one’s repressed fears and paranoia, which can send you into an unrelenting cycle of panic. Sleepless re-lives the seemingly never-ending experience and pain associated with the inability to sleep and the anxiety that arises from being alone in the dark.


Sleepless has been exhibited in Australia, Canada, and Chicago and is now making its New York debut at AC Institute.



About the Artist
Bonnie Lane is a video installation artist from Melbourne, Australia . She completed a BFA at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2007 and obtained a first-class Honours Degree from Monash University in 2010. Currently she is an International Artist in Residence at RAID Projects in Los Angeles and has been accepted as an international Artist in Residence at Nanji Art Studio, the residency program of the Seoul Museum of Art in South Korea (September 2012).


Lane has exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries, art fairs & non-traditional sites, including NEXT Art Fair (Chicago), BUS Projects (Melbourne), Anna Papas Gallery (Melbourne), Seventh Gallery (Melbourne), The Institute of American Indian Arts as part of The Santa Fe International New Media Festival (Santa Fe), YouYou Gallery (China), Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center (New York) and Out in the Sticks Cultural Centre (Canada).


Image courtesy the artist.