See You on the Flip Side!
Curated by Nicole Bebout & Sonja Hofstetter

Multipedia Group Exhibition
February 3 - March 12, 2011

The group show “See You on the Flip Side!”  explores the tenuous border crossings through which we define ourselves by questioning the frontiers of cultural, social and medial identities. In putting the viewer in other’s shoes, what we frequently find across those borders is a wall of prejudice, miscommunication and disappointment. Through different media the artists reveal their stories of trying to cross these borders through experiences from past or present happenings Some are based on personal memories; others are taken out of everyday life. Often humorous, but sometimes deeply disturbing, these artists present narratives of desires and misfires in the search for the self. 


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Salwa Aleryani: Unedibly
Joerg Auzinger:
 Blind Spot
Sarah Boothroyd: Retro Rhetoric; Becoming More Becoming; Worry, Worry, Worry; Do What You Fear And Fear Disappears; Lack of Proper Words
Hou Chien Cheng:
 You Are My Translator for Nothing
Derek Coté: Rewards Not Given to Men Searching With Big Canoes
Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik: Trans(port)(l)ation 2
Boris Eldagsen: SPAM the musical
Sam Holden: Focus
Karl Heinz Jeron: Playing Identities
Stacy Kranitz: Target Unknown

Monica Ong: Remedies; Old Timer’s Dis-ease
Hidemi TakagiBlender
Maya Watanabe: Abrasis