Andrew Erdos

March 19 - April 11, 2009

Santalope is a large Santa Claus creature with a robust belly, a large face and antlers. The Santalope is a humorous yet disturbingly bizarre interpretation and observation of the perversions and absurdity of a globalization induced, universally confused, irreversibly homogenizing international society. Santalope observes, creates and supports a new culturally imperialistic spectacle of insatiable, epic and ugly proportions.


Andrew Erdos’ humorous, invasive, ferocious, creepy and delicious spectacle that is SANTALOPE has found its way to the AC [Direct] I and II exterior walls and ceiling. For this installation, Santalope, along with his sidekick Donkey, create a disturbing and decadent view of cultural imperialism and vacuous commercialism. SANTALOPE will be making an appearance in AC [Direct]’s Domestic video exhibition as well AC [Institute]’s CEOs & Outsourced Critics (MIA) Champagne Brunch on Saturday, March 7 where Andrew Erdos will present the SANTALOPE BAKE $ALE. This is a unique opportunity for collectors to invest in the creation of the Santalope’s next international spectacle—a nature documentary on the mating habits and rituals of the Santalope in the Australian Outback. All proceeds go to the artist.



About the Artist
Since graduating from Alfred University in 2007, 23-year old American artist Andrew Erdos has participated in over 30 exhibitions on 5 continents. His work combines sculpture, video, performance and installation. He has shown at venues such as The National Centre for Contemporary Art (Moscow), BS1 Contemporary Museum (Beijing), Chelsea Art Museum (New York) and was included in the 2008 Deitch Projects Art Parade.


Image courtesy the artist.