Regional de NY

music: January 12, 2016

Regional de NY is a traditional choro group that plays in the style of the great Brazilian ensembles of years past and present. Since 2011, their mission has been to keep the rich musical tradition of choro alive, specifically in a contemporary US context. They combine a deep love for the history of the genre together with a modern attitude towards arrangement and performance. The style of choro that they create is a reflection of time, place, and their cultural backgrounds.


By hosting regular rodas (jam sessions), they bring their music to the public in an informal setting and provide a unique opportunity for enthusiasts of choro to sit in with the band and hone their craft. Their first album, Na Roda, is an attempt to capture the spirit of their regular rodas — all the playfulness, virtuosity, sensitivity, and joy that can come from performing live with close musical companions.


They have performed at venues such as Brasil Summerfest, Zinc Bar, Barbes, Cornelia Street Café, and the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts.