May 14 - June 13, 2015

Process explores our relationship to food by focusing on packaged foods found in American supermarkets. LAZY MOM uses two points of reference–processed foods and Process Art –for this series. By preserving and destroying brightly-colored food, this body of work examines the facade of chemically engineered permanence created by modern industry. By attempting to extend shelf life, processed food has taken on a life of its own where chemicals, dyes and additives create a new genre based on the veneer of natural food. In Easy Cheese, a slice of bread covered in an overabundance of aerosol cheese product is shown before and after being lit on fire. This act of destruction is a perverse reaction to a food that was engineered to outlast its natural state.


LAZY MOM utilizes commercial photography techniques to highlight how these products have been manufactured for their visual appeal. By further displacing these products from their natural environment, LAZY MOM highlights the ways that processed foods attempt to avoid, but ultimately succumb to ruin.


Exhibition Images


About the Artists
LAZY MOM is a collaboration between Josie Keefe (b. 1987 in Syracuse, NY) and Phyllis Ma (b. 1987 in Guangzhou, China). Inspired by their day jobs in window display and prop styling, and combined with a shared affinity for playing with food, they make images and objects that subvert traditional takes on the still life. ­­