Please Be Patient
Ruben Aubrecht

May 13 - June 19, 2010

Loading… on the standard blue screen background … Loading… the screen displays a promise to play a DVD, shortly. Loading… the infinite loop of never-ending loading processes in the video Please be Patient (2009) represents Ruben Aubrecht‘s tenacious attempt to re-explore the boundaries of the medium of video within the boundaries of the screen on which it is shown.


In his video loops, the artist uses humorous and enlightening insights to attack the idea of the Black Box (…) Aubrecht’s approach does not focus on the specific elements of this form of expression; on the contrary, he confronts the gravity of a reflexive artistic treatment of the medium with a quick-witted matter-of-factness.



Text: Franz Thalmair
Translation: Gail Schamberger



About the Artist
Ruben Aubrecht was born in Austria in 1980.  He received a MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with a degree in Computer and Videoart in 2006. Aubrecht has held exhibitions in several countries throughout Europe including Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Sweden. He has just recently completed a two-month residency in Bilbao.


Image courtesy the artist.