Christine Sciulli

May 14 - June 13, 2009

AC [Direct] I presents Christine Sciulli’s planeSPACE, the latest installation in her current series Intercepting Planes. Points of light map the intersections of light planes and network pathways. The networks used in this body of work have utilized various materials. In earlier installations, a random, taut, linear network of string was used to define pathways and synapses in gallery spaces. Operating on a much larger scale, Intercepting Planes X mapped planes of light onto a network of tree canopies high above Duane Park. In planeSPACE a mishmash of vines, roots and bramble forms a dense, organic network. Points of light variously slink, careen and collide along twisted pathways, the result of a projected line mapped onto the tangled network.



About the Artist
Christine Sciulli is a New York based video installation/intervention artist. Her works have been seen on the street, in New York area galleries and institutions. Recent exhibitions include: The Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida and New York’s Islip Art Museum, where Janet Goleas described her installation of Intercepting Planes B to be “a quiet riot of controlled chaos.” In 2008, Sciulli exhibited a solo installation with Frederieke Taylor Gallery, had her second solo show with Chi Contemporary Fine Art (both New York), exhibited her outdoor video installation, Everything’s Rosie, as part of Plugged-In (Hudson, New York) and was a recipient of a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Grant to produce a roving outdoor video installation, Intercepting Planes X, in Duane Park (New York). Her collaborations with composers have been shown widely at European and American festivals. A recent collaboration featured her video and light work for the Mabou Mines waterfront piece, Song for New York: What Women Do While Men Sit Knitting by Ruth Maleczech, which was developed during her Sundance Institute Theatre Lab Residency at White Oak, Florida. Christine Sciulli holds an Architectural Engineering degree from Penn State University, and an MFA from Hunter College, where she was awarded the Esther Fish Perry Award, BFA merit award and the Leutz/Reidel Travel Grant. Sciulli’s work is part of the New Museum’s Rhizome ArtBase (


Image courtesy the artist.