Performance (X + 1)
Borromean Resistance

Interactive Installation
February 24, 2016

Performance (x+1) is a four-part interactive computing system that probes the intersection of technology, art, and activism. Drawing on the tension between the urgent need for political change called for in movements such as climate activism and the lure of abstraction in art, the installation engages the viewer in challenging questions about representation, efficacy, and collective action. Three interactive stations allow the viewer to experience and critique different conceptual models representing social and political action. As the fourth element, an open discussion explores the tensions between art and activism, abstraction versus action, futility versus utility, and digital versus analogue interaction.



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About the Artists

Borromean Resistance is an artist collective consisting of sarah olimpia, Symbios, and other rotating members, that creates interactive art and technology pieces. sarah olimpia is a Brazilian-American activist and engineer. She holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from NYU and works as a software engineer in New York City. Symbios graduated from Caltech with a B.S. in Mathematics and currently lives in Brooklyn. Dorothy Lam; ZiHong runs an art space in Bushwick, The Mess. She conducts and facilitates participatory performance events.