My Nights (My Days)² Our Nights
curated by: Osman Can Yerebakan

performances by: Seyhan Musaoglu & Jono Jonovich
May 19, 2016 | 7-9pm

My Nights (My Days)² Our Nights, organized by Osman Can Yerebakan, brings together a collaborative performance by Seyhan Musaoglu and Jono Jonovich (Patrick Miller) that draws inspiration from AC Institute’s current online exhibition, My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days. The duo’s separate performances play with the theme of chaos that surfaces from the interaction between the body and machine, specifically focusing on the emotional and mental state that manifests. The performances seek to fuse into a single experience, a period in which the audience will come in contact with a constant flux of discordance.


Seyhan Musaoglu will orchestrate an audience reliant experience, that employs vocals, a synthesizer, and UI-friendly software found on commonly used tech gadgets. Stemming from simplistic and mundane notes, the artist deteriorates audio with the aid of analog and digital tools. The juxtaposition that unfolds is an expansive climax where the challenges and joys of collective exchange bear various end results based on the spontaneity of real time experience.


Jono Jonovich will use anachronistic sound objects, distorted images and clips from cinema to create a call and response to Seyhan Musaoglu’s live performance. Incorporating distance as a live element, the performance will focus on the contemporary understanding of separation and distraction that stems from communication via media. A live edit of conversations will take place in the gallery and will be incorporated in the interactive performance. What will begin as a harmonious collaboration will become discordant as the piece progresses. The separation of the performers will increase through changes in sound, display and placement of each other in the space. The piece seeks to explore language and the lack thereof in the contemporary world.









Seyhan Musaoglu is a multi-media artist whose work spans the fields of live performance, sound art, film/video, and 2-D media. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources ranging from science fiction, to fashion, to modern dance choreography, her work investigates the gap between sound production and music composition, contemporary feminist theory, and the history of avant-garde filmmaking. Seyhan holds an MFA from Parsons the New School for Design. Her work has been presented at The Kitchen (NYC), New York Studio Gallery (NYC), Lit Lounge (NYC), Curta 8 Film Festival (Brazil), and Istanbul’s famed venue, Babylon. She founded SPACE DEBRIS art space in 2014. She works between New York and Istanbul.


Jono Jonovich is the alias for Patrick Miller, a multimedia artist based in New York. He works with sound, video, and code as a conduit to look into questions of space, identity, and the function of technology between creator and consumer. His works have been shown in museums and galleries in Russia, Hong Kong, Turkey, and North America.