My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days

curated by: Osman Can Yerebakan

In the late ’80s, a programmer who recently developed a revolutionary computer language learns that his days are numbered due to a terminal illness affecting his memory and speech. During this time he encounters a mysterious nightclub performer whose stage persona heavily relies on her ability to foretell the future. My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days stems from Andrzej Żuławski’s namesake film, and adopts the chaotic language used between the two lovers whose capacity to communicate rapidly vanishes. Similar to the paradox the protagonist experiences—enduring the loss of his verbal faculties yet standing on the brink of revolutionizing communication technology—the exhibition articulates various aesthetics of chaos emerging from the discordance between the disarray of human experience and the precision of digital logic. Rigor shatters, bringing flaws, errors and frailties to the surface. Benefiting from its online presence, the group exhibition juxtaposes the ways artists portray mayhem and disorder in the face of rapidly improving computer generated technologies.



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Jordan Bortner

Sean Capone

Katie Cercone

Emily Greenberg

Christopher K. Ho

Faith Holland

Jaehyun Kim and Jimin Song

Elizabeth Riley

Daniel Temkin

Allison Wade





Osman Can Yerebakan is a curator and art writer based in New York. Osman holds a BA in Comparative Literature from Istanbul Bilgi University and a MA in Art Management from Fashion Institute of Technology. Among his fields of interest are fluid states of audience interaction, kinship between literature and fine arts, and performance of identity as political declaration. His writings appear periodically on Art Observed and occasionally on filthy dreams. He has upcoming curatorial projects with The Clemente Center, Radiator Arts and the Center for Book Arts.