Mind Draw
China Blue

Interactive Performance
February 16, 2016

Mind Draw is an interactive brainwave driven artwork that creates real-time images by integrating EEG (electroencephalogram) technology with drawing and performance. Donning a device that uses electrodes to measure the varied electrical waves created by the brain, the participant uses different mental states ranging from relaxation to intense focus to drive the shape, color and speed of abstract projected images. Accompanied by rich ambient music also triggered by changes in brain states, the work provides a riveting multi-sensory experience that both participants and viewers can enjoy. In this piece, rather than the artists’ hand transforming mental states into abstract visuals, the task of translating emotion to image is undertaken by technology.



About the Artist

China Blue is a two year Artist-in-Resident at the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute at Rhode Island Hospital. She is a two time NASA/RI Space Grant recipient. In 2013 China Blue represented the U.S. at Tokyo Wondersite’s Experimental Art Fair and at OPEN XI in Venice, Italy.  Her exhibition “Firefly Projects” was nominated for the 2012 “Best Monographic Museum Exhibition, Nationally” by the International Association of Art Critics. Reviews of her work have been published in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Art in America, Art Forum and artCritical.