Live Footage

Music Performance
December 19, 2013

This performance is in conjunction with Jessica Angel’s As Above, So Below.


Live Footage has been described as some of the finest “surrealist soundtrack composers” in the making. They have scored some of the most eclectic contemporary pieces in film, fashion and dance. Conceived through the art of improvisation, Topu Lyo plays a 5 string electric cello, incorporating the use of live loops and a handful of electronics with no pre-recorded samples of any kind. Mike Thies plays drums and keyboards, often simultaneously. Their coherent complexity consistently wows listeners’ ears away.


Live Footage is cinematic, experimental, catchy and melodic. To define this Brooklyn duo’s sound deems a broad answer. Elements of Dub and Hip Hop can be heard alongside influences of psychedelic post rock and jazz. The duo are equally at home playing underground Brooklyn loft parties as they are playing concert halls. The NYC music scene has served as their platform for more than 5 years and audiences around the world have praised their work.