Jane Long
A sterile space

March 30, 2016

A pig and a pig. A monarch and a viceroy butterfly. A sprinkle and a microscopic E. coli bacterium. Astroturf and freshly cut grass in July. A clean pristine surface and a surface breeding with infectious strains.


A beautiful simultaneous world.


Here is a sterile space where the search for elusive sweet things like subjectivity and objectivity takes place. A space prepared and wiped clean to present and perform, to include and exclude.



Exhibition Images





Jane Long’s work exists at the uncomfortable intersection of art, science, and everything in between; where vocabularies clash and cognitive dissonance emerge. She attempts to reveal the traces of the subjective through video, performance, images, and objects to further explore ideas of an objectivity that is subjective. Long remixes and jumbles scientific and medical imagery, points of view, and preoccupations. Her work delves into discursive in-betweens, incomplete recursions, uncomfortable feelings and indulgent futile gestures to explore themes we can’t and don’t talk about.