Intelligent Instruments In Conversation with Vito Ricci and Laurie Spiegel

Thursday, February 16, 2017 | 7:00 - 9:00PM

Intelligent Instrument’s Sanna Almajedi will be in conversation with musician Vito Ricci about his new record “Vito Ricci: A Symphony for Amiga.” The one hour-long podcast will discuss all aspects of making the record as well as delve deep into the computer that made it all possible. Laurie Spiegel will also be part of the conversation.


Ricci composed this record using Laurie Spiegel’s Commodore Amiga version of Music Mouse, the intelligent software that synchronizes instruments through algorithms. Ricci’ long time collaborator Lise Vachon will be performing part of the record live after their conversation. Laurie Spiegel is an American composer and has worked at Bell Laboratories, in computer graphics, and is known primarily for her electronic-music compositions and her algorithmic composition software Music Mouse.


During his thirty-year-plus career, Mr. Ricci has scored over fifty productions including concert music, theater, dance, performance, film and video. His collaborative works include partnerships with Bob Holman, Martin Goldray, Rashied Ali, Flux Quartet, Jacob Burkhardt, Lise Vachon, and The Woster Group. Performances of his works have been produced at The Skyball Theater, The Public Theater, Greenwich Music House, Cooper Union, Roulette, The Knitting Factory, St. Marks Church, The Performing Garage, the Walker Arts Center and the Southern Theater, both in Minneapolis, and the Sedgwick Cultural Center in Philadelphia.


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