Elisabeth Molin

December 10, 2009 – January 23, 2010

Elisabeth Molin’s photographs explore different ways of looking at reality. These different viewpoints are inspired by dreams, lies, truths and anecdotes. Through the use of props and actors she alters our perception of urban and mental spaces. By changing and modifying existing spaces, Molin creates new contexts and opportunities for perceiving the spaces and reality differently for a moment: a momentary alteration of perception. She uses photography as a narrative that has paused. It becomes an abstract moment where the individual and the body are central. The individual person is the main focus and each photograph can also be seen as a portrait of that person. Some people try to escape reality, on the contrary, Molin seeks the humorous, the surreal and the paradoxical in reality.


Gaps is a series of photographs depicting various mental states. Inspired by dreams and the everyday, each image exists somewhere between imagination and reality. The series introduce an alternative way of looking at the world. Whereas The King and Billy alter architectural and urban spaces, Grey and Tape render reality surreal and almost animated. By twisting and playing with different concepts and stereotypes such as ‘a suit’, ‘a king’ or ‘botox lips’, the photographs set out to question reality and our perceptions of it. Gaps demonstrates a varying selection of perceptions and a way of thinking about reality and the photographs relate to one another through odd contexts and wry relations.



About the Artist
From an early age, Danish artist Elisabeth Molin began exploring new ways of looking at the world from behind the camera lens. Originally trained in graphic design, she moved to London to study at University of The Arts London, where she obtained a BA in Fine Art with a specialism in photography and film. She has exhibited in Copenhagen at both Charlottenborg Kunsthal and at the Spring Exhibition and in London at the Triangle Gallery, the Old Truman Brewery and
at the East London Photography Festival Photomonth. Her latest series Button Your Buttons continues to explore perception and reverse realities in a humorous, surreal and banal way. She currently lives in London where she works cross disciplinary with art, photography and film.