Rieko KOGA

July 12 - 28, 2012

One day I said to myself,
“What do I want to read now?
“What do I want to write now??”


My answer was, “My Future Diary.”
This artwork started here.


“What words will you say?” It depends on the person. The future means 10 years later for some and now for others. This question is very simple and abstract, but we can imagine many things from it.


“When?” “Which situation?”
“Where?” “Which language?”


ーThere are 39 questions about your future in the diaryー


We don’t know what we will do in the future and we don’t know what we will say in the next minute, either. But if we can, I hope we will try to think about good things for the future and speak gentle words to each other.


The power of words and thoughts is very strong. It might have some energy to change the world even though each word and thought is small. [We don’t see them… but …] When they get together, they become powerful.


If you are sad now or if you can’t advance because you are afraid, please remember this artwork.


This is your future diary.


If your diary runs short of space, you can patch another cloth to it and make it longer. If you want to change your thoughts, you can take it apart whenever you want! We can’t change the past, but we can make our futures as we like! Our futures have limitless possibilities and spread vastly in front of us … like a plain white cloth!


I hope to share a lot of happiness through my artwork to you who look at and touch it. I create for someone who is waiting for my artwork, someone I know, someone I will know …


I sew my wishes and my prayers into the cloth with each stitch.
That’s why I create … and why I am here … now!



– Rieko KOGA , June 2012, Paris


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About the Artist
Rieko KOGA is a Japanese fiber artist currently residing in Paris. She is a graduate of Bunka Fashion College (1993, Tokyo) and Fashion Forum (1994, Paris). Rieko expresses her universe through threads and needles, working spontaneously using dressmaking techniques. Her recent work focuses on connections between words. She has exhibited at various indoor and outdoor installations in Japan and France. In Autumn 2012 and 2013, Rieko has several upcoming solo and group exhibitions and projects in Europe. This is her first exhibition in the USA.




Image courtesy the artist.