Jeanette Bonds

June 19 – 30, 2012

Limitations (2011) is a 15-foot film loop of animated scratch. The work is shot not frame-by-frame, but in increments, one millimeter at a time. Using only this 15-foot loop, Jeanette created a longer piece, subject to certain rules: the loop can only be presented in rectangular format and, when in motion, cannot touch.


About the Artist
Jeanette Bonds is an installation and video artist. In her work, sound plays an equal role to image. She employs sound and image together to construct an immersive environment.


Formally, she works within strict limitations such as working with a single photograph, a single color, or a limited set of objects.


Her primary objective stems from the idea of meaninglessness as the result of process. However hard the production effort is, the effects are dissolved in a specific quest to make the installations ephemeral. Her work is a statement against transcendence. But much more than saying “nothing matters” it declares: “everything counts”.




Image courtesy the artist. 



FLAT OUT is a bi-weekly rotating video series curated by Nicole Bebout. For the series, new works by emerging and experimental artists from across the globe are displayed on a LCD screen mounted at the entrance of AC Institute.