FLAT OUT: Hoy juega Chile
Jorge Catoni

July 12 - 28, 2012

Hoy juega Chile was shot at La Vega Central, an open market in Santiago, Chile, as Chile played Spain during the 2010 World Cup. Almost all the people in the market were watching TV…


“What is seen and heard is not what it seems nor does it pretend to be. Within the precarious and the technological, in the chaos and the calm, in the scarce and the abundant, the positive and the negative, in infancy and maturity, that is how I pass.”

­–Jorge Catoni (Juxtapoz, June 2008)



About the Artist
Jorge Catoni (b. 1980) lives in Santiago, Chile. He studied graphic design and works in multiple media, including painting, graphics, video art and experimental music. He has exhibited widely in Chile, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Singapore and Mexico. Catoni has received numerous awards, including First Place for his video work at Close Up Vallarta Festival (Vallarta, Mexico).


www.vimeo.com/jorgecatoni // www.flickr.com/photos/catoni



FLAT OUT is a bi-weekly rotating video series curated by Nicole Bebout. For the series, new works by emerging and experimental artists from across the globe are displayed on a LCD screen mounted at the entrance of AC Institute.