Sasha Litvintseva

April 16 - May 2, 2015

Sasha Litvintseva’s practice investigates the possibilities of temporality using the moving image.


Evergreen is the story of an immortal traveler’s journey through failed and aspirational utopias. The viewer witnesses society’s strife for perfection, and its unquenchable thirst to document itself; as if driven by a sense of its looming demise.


The audience watches on as heritage turns into spectacle and spectacle turns into heritage.



About the Artist
Sasha Litvintseva was born in Polyarniye Zori, Russia, 1989. She currently lives and works in London. Litvintseva graduated from Slade School of Art, and is currently completing her MA in Experimental Film at Kingston University. Her work has been shown at Union Pacific, London, Contemporary Art Museum of Bogota, Columbia, Wroclaw Biennale, Minibar Artist Space, Stockholm, Palazzo Flangini, Venice, Neues Museum, Nurnberg, Assab One, Milan, Siaulai Gallery, Lithuania, and screenings at festivals including Kino Der Kunst, Munich, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Kassel Documentary Film Festival, Athens Film and Video Festival, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Alternative Film and Video Festival, Belgrade.