Drowning the Mouth Breathers ———–
Ryan Wurst

July 9-July 25, 2015

Drowning The Mouth Breathers ———– is part of a larger, ongoing project called The Mouth Breathers, a group of non­humans created to reveal the failures inherent in our technological relationships. Through the recognition of these failures, we are able to redefine success in a technological world too focused on innovation to see its impacts on society. Debuting at AC Institute, RYAN WURST’S multimedia installation forces The Mouth Breathers into a perpetual act of inhalation in order to awaken us to the emptiness of the technological vacuum that we live in.



About the Artist
RYAN WURST is an artist, musician, and curator currently pursuing his PhD at CU Boulder in Intermedia, Writing, and Performance Art. In addition to founding The Midnight Brigade gallery in Minneapolis, Wurst’s solo projects have been shown nationally. His music can be found under such pseudonyms as Yellow Hyper Balls, pleasurlife, Soul Tangler, and more.