Depiction of a Broken Allegory
Dan Waber

May 14 - June 13, 2009

AC [Chapel] presents Dan Waber’s latest series of visual poems created by taking detailed rubbings from memorial plates on-site at local churches around Northeastern Pennsylvania. Entitled A Depiction of a Broken Allegory, these works grew out of a convergence of several ongoing areas of investigation with the primary motivation serving as an attempt to come to grips, both literally and metaphorically, with the way American culture uses language to intermix concepts of memorialization with those surrounding religion and politics. Each rubbing was made in situ, using lumber crayons on paper—a set of tools whose rich potential Waber learned through the work of, and in correspondence with, visual poet David-Baptiste Chirot. Moreover, each individual piece limits itself to the language found on a single monument, though some monuments themselves yielded multiple pieces. The artist’s hope is that the pieces operate on such a universal level that those who view them will, from that day forward, regardless of ideological agreement or disagreement, find themselves automatically locating the “anti-language” contained within the language of monuments.

Exhibition Images

About the Artist
Dan Waber is a visual poet, concrete poet, sound poet, performance poet, publisher, editor, playwright and multimedia artist whose work has appeared in a kaleidoscope of places, from digital to print, from stage to classroom, from mailboxes to puppet theaters, from Harvard to Smith. His expansive artistic range has currently led him to working, as he states, “on and everywhere in-between.”