David & Goliath:
Avateered Performance

Marjan Moghaddam

Interactive Performance
May 25, 2016 | 6-8pm

Marjan Moghaddam presents an original interactive projection as part of her ongoing David and Goliath series of digital art works. Using the narrative of David and Goliath as a lens through which to examine artistic production in the contemporary moment, this avateered performance allows viewers to control computer generated avatars with their bodies. Two players are invited to embody the figures in the projection by directing animated explosions with their gestures. During the performance participants revel in the tensions and correlations between their physical surroundings and the virtual world. Animated text and images exploring Marx, Picketty and cyber theory add visual layers to the projection. Moghaddam worked with the Philadelphia Game lab team in creating this avateered performance.

Joseph Caravalho of Pool Cosby will be accompanying the performance with live sound and music from 7-8pm.


Marjan Moghaddam is a New York based artist and animator who works primarily with 3D computer graphics and digital media. She is a Full Professor of Computer Graphics and Animation at Long Island University. Her work has been shown at the Armory Show and Art Basel Miami as well as the Siggraph Computer Animation Festival and Art Gallery. Moghaddam has received grants from the Rockefeller Fund, the New York Department of Cultural Affairs, the Brooklyn Arts Council, and the Experimental Television Fund.



Demonstration of an Avateered Performance: