Carol Pereira


wednesday, october 18, 2017

This audio was recorded during the exhibtition “Coded” curated by Mary A. Valverde. Exhibiting artist Carol Pereira, joined Quiayara Gonzalez, Omar Olivera, Arjan Zazueta, and Mary A. Valverde, to discuss their recent projects and the use of conceptual gestures to narrate and chronicle intimacy through action, leadership, and organizing collaborative projects.


CODED is an interdisciplinary project that includes an exhibition and panel series that showcases intersecting bodies of work through the use of thoughtful critical discourse. CODED will engage with emerging and established authorities in a range of disciplines including contemporary art, writing, academia, media, film, and activism among others. The project aims to chronicle the artwork, writing, and discussion from each panel to create an archive of contemporary culture that includes content from leading influentials. The series will act as a project incubator to support the sharing, critiquing, and fostering of interdisciplinary excellence.