Boundary Interactions
Paul R. Jones

March 7 - 17, 2012

Paul R. Jones’ work is based on interactions, which he explores through performance, video and photography. He explores how interactions can become a form of place-making and regards the artist as a researcher, someone who utilizes fieldwork techniques familiar to visual anthropology, sociology and geographical studies. His approach developed from research exploring geographical and social issues specific to border regions.


Boundary Interactions consists of two short films, Balancing Act and Roll, in which the artist performs specific actions at the frontier between England and Wales. Although the acts contain a sense of slapstick similar to Buster Keaton and Bas Jan Ader, each are referential of issues inherent in border politics, namely the in-between point of becoming a citizen or a foreigner. It is also reflective of the desperate measures one will attempt to illegally cross a border.



About the Artist
After receiving his MA in Fine Art, Paul R Jones withdrew to the border regions to explore the relationship between failure and struggle. Paul has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally including the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Switzerland. Recently he received an award for experimental performance at the MADATAC 03, Madrid.