Between the Cloud and the Clock
Boris Oicherman

July 12 – 28, 2012

The greater part of Boris Oicherman’s practice is environmentally responsive. His open approach is the outcome of locally conducted research pertaining to the unique conditions of each installation site. In the past he has worked with water, fire, electric fans, computer programming, electronic imaging, wind and more to explore both perception and experience.


Between the Cloud and the Clock originated in research for a site-specific installation for a library in Ticho House in Jerusalem, Israel. The aim was to create an event within the reading room that would also facilitate a social space similar to a campfire. The solution was to place a floor-based electric fan, oriented upwards, and to hang an incandescent bulb above it. The bulb constantly revolved around the fan, set in motion by the airflow, creating a continuous monotonous movement of light and shadows in the space.

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About the Artist 
Boris Oicherman was born in Russia in 1973 and has lived in Israel since 1990. After graduating from a PhD program (2006, University of Leeds, UK) he worked as a senior research scientist in the area of color and imaging technologies in Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Israel. In 2009 Oicherman resigned from his full time job as a researcher to pursue an artistic career. Currently he combines interdisciplinary artistic practice with technological consultancy. Oicherman has participated in a number of exhibitions and residencies in Israel, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland and South Korea. He is a recipient of the 2012 Asia Pacific Artist Fellowship of the National Art Studio, Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art.


Image courtesy the artist.