American Idols
Sam Pluta

Music Performance
Friday, February 10, 2012
8pm Admission: $10

American Idols continues Pluta’s interest in self-contained systems, autonomous sonic networks which function devoid of human interaction. This music finds a magic spot in the sonic tapestry, where sounds can hover in a state of equilibrium. With the tiniest movement away from the idea, the system is destroyed, but in this small space, an entire universe is revealed.


American Idols is an exercise in simplicity. Four electric guitars, tuned to the harmonic series of the 60-cycle hum of the world around us, are feeding back. The hum of the guitars and amplifiers is the only input to the system, yet the result is a swirling sea of guitar harmonics, a chaotic self-contained environment. The guitars feed their signal to sixteen televisions, which visually display hypnotic pulses of the guitar drones.




Architeuthis Walks on Land

Katie Young and Amy Cimini


Sonic Overload

Sam Pluta, Jim Altieri, Dan Peck, Jeff Snyder, Peter Evans, and Tom Blancarte



About the Artist

Sam Pluta is a New York City-based composer and improviser working in the fields of acoustic and electronic music. He has been commissioned and premiered by Wet Ink Ensemble, Yarn/Wire, ICE, Timetable Percussion, RIOT Trio, So Percussion, Dave Eggar, and Prism Saxophone Quartet, as well as performed internationally as a laptop soloist and chamber musician. As technical director of the Wet Ink Ensemble and a founding member of the improvising quartet GBL, Pluta focuses on fusing the worlds of acoustic and electronic instruments through composition and improvisation.


Aside from his teaching duties at Columbia University and the Manhattan School of Music, Pluta holds the John Plude Faculty Chair in Computer Musicianship at the Walden School. His music is released on Quiet Design and Carrier Records.