A Quarreling Pair
Peter Fankhauser

February 19 - March 21, 2015

A Quarrelling Pair reimagines American author Jane Bowles’ play of the same name through a shift in representational format.  The one act play deftly recounts the tale of two women who dislike one another’s company to such an intense degree that it becomes their only sustenance.  Drawing on traditions of shadow puppet theatre, for which the play was originally written, Peter Fankhauser has transformed the pair into 3D rendered human likenesses and manipulated their movements through digital puppetry.  They appear as ghosts floating in a darkened space until their exchange comes to a head and dissolves into a reluctant acknowledgement of their reciprocated love.


With this new staging of one of Bowles’ most clandestine works, Fankhauser continues his investigation of new media as a space for the persistence of unsettled histories and shifting contemporary mythologies.



About the Artist 
Peter Fankhauser received his MFA at CUNY-City College in 2012 and has shown at independent and alternative spaces throughout the city, including Judson Memorial Church, The Silent Barn, and TEMP Art Space.  He lives and works in New York City.